Versatility & Value

Strategy & Planning

Our job is to listen to your brief, understand your market and the dynamics that drive it and work within the agreed budget to drive growth, improvement and profit. We have a team of experienced business minds and creative heads that come together to drive your business forward creating an action plan defining where your business is today and where you want to get to.

Design & Branding

Every element of graphic design and branding is underpinned by a careful and considered thought process, collaboration and intensive research. We create beautifully crafted materials for any delivery channel …. digital and traditional. Our team can take initial ideas and turn them into high resolution artwork in a few hours. Our biggest challenges are often the need to make what is complicated, simple. A good website or App is about a solid user experience. We build websites, Apps, micro sites and light e-commerce sites using state of the art tech but people are always at the centre of our thinking.

Copywriting & Content Creation

To us content creation means the production of dynamic content that catches the attention of many for all the right reasons. Creating content that works hard to promote your brand time and time again must avoid the “ordinary stuff” that simply gets drowned out in “everybody else’s stuff” !!! Content needs to be different to get you noticed. Content creation is about being brave…

We write and create content for a wide and diverse range of projects ranging from fully integrated campaigns, to tender proposals, videos, eNewsletters , blogs, SEO campaigns and websites. We love creating logos and strap-lines that embody your brand and set it apart from the rest. All our content is 100% originally produced.

All content must have a goal and a target audience. It must either engage, educate or entertain. High quality innovative content fuels growth.

Email Marketing

At Bikube we aim to deliver email marketing campaigns that compel audiences to click through to a website or landing page because they want to find out more.


It is important in this inbox saturated world that we develop accurate, targeted, memorable email marketing content & communication that is relevant and engaging. Our experienced digital team create thousands of call to action email campaigns that generate sales enquiries, boost awareness, increase website traffic and drive online conversions.


Our digital development team ensure that every piece of communication is effective and is aligned with the latest technology, browsers and mobile devices. We advise on every step of the journey from sourcing target data, personalisation through to creating effective and engaging content.

Paid Search & Social Media

Getting results from paid media is tough and it can be complex. There is so much more to the channel than simply building out key words and ad copy. That is why we partner with a leading paid search specialist company with Google Adwords and double click accreditation. Data is at the heart of everything they do.


Together we make your investment in Google Ads, PPC, linkedIn and Facebook more accountable delivering results based on strategies that work.

Sales Enablement

Equipping your sales team to deliver in this new world is now, more than ever, critically important if your company is to grow. If your sales team are not equipped to sell and do not posses the anecessary tools all the leads in the world will not help them. Sales must be aligned with marketing.


Your sales team need the best content in the right place available in a variety of multi-media formats to increase their effectiveness. Every sales team need to be mobile and have the tools and content available to inter act online, face to face, via webinar or at an exhibition Anytime, anywhere. Mobility drive sales in the modern world. At Bikube we ensure that your sales team stay connected.

Website Development

Your website needs to be at the centre of your growth strategy. We design websites to generate leads. We have a vast amount of experience in creating user friendly websites together with e-commerce solutions for start ups, SME’s and large businesses across every sector.

We build effective, clever, beautifully designed WordPress websites that deliver. It will take your visitors on a clear journey with intuitive call to actions that deliver business opportunities. We will future proof your site so that it can adapt to change as your business develops.

Whether you are looking for a brochure website or a full e-commerce platform, portfolio site or landing page our experienced team of designers and front and back end developers will create your website in house. Together with our extensive experience in creating CRM interfaces your website should become your most effective sales person. Our websites are secure, compliant and bespoke to you.

Once built we will make sure your website is optimised and we will continue to deliver exciting new content, functionality and SEO so that your website delivers the optimum amount of traffic.

Lead Generation

B2B lead generation is the first step in the sales process for every business. When exploring lead generation it is essential that you find a strategy that is effective. Lead generation and data is at the heart of everything we do. Unlike many other marketing companies we have invested in a full service lead generation suite that can support your business.

Every client lead generation strategy is bespoke and involves using every available resource available. Data driven direct marketing remains very much at the heart of everything we believe in. It works and it works at a tangible cost. It should be predictive and scalable with everything emanating from a pilot campaign.


Whether you are a new start up or an established business in your sector we provide a bespoke service that can accelerate your growth. Get in touch to find out how we can help you grow your business…